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At Neuro Therapeutics, we believe that the brain holds the power to help people perform, feel, and live better.
By creating products that use innovative technology to maximize physiology, we put this power in people's hands.
We create wellness solutions that meet people where they are - the office, the classroom, the field - and help
them get where they want to be - the boardroom, the honor roll, the podium.

Our Story

An Observation

Our story began with a cheering crowd, a ticking clock, and a single observation - elite performers were rigorously training all parts of their body, except for their brain. The ability to manage stress and maintain focus was such an integral part of performance at the highest level of athletics and business, but the physiological side of mental performance was being almost entirely ignored in these arenas.

A Plan

With this thought, we created a facility where we assessed the brains of thousands of professional athletes, Olympians, and Fortune 500 executives to determine how they operated and how they could improve. Using this data, and leveraging the expertise of Dr. Leslie Sherlin, we designed an effective, engaging, high-performance EEG experience using traditional EEG technologies. This included a brain assessment, individualized protocols, and neurofeedback to maximize mental performance.

An Innovation

Shortly thereafter, we noticed a substantial limitation of our in-office client experience: TIME. We realized quickly that we needed to take innovative EEG technology one step further to increase it’s availability. This lead us to create Versus, the world’s first and only full-service mobile EEG experience. The Versus system, including a mobile app and wireless EEG headset, enables people to exercise their brain anywhere.​

A Movement

Through our experience as clinicians, we soon realized that elite performers weren’t the only ones who could benefit from learning about their brain and making it better. From academics to mental health counseling, the applications for Versus are nearly limitless. To help reach the people who can benefit the most from the Versus system, we now work primarily with providers - from naturopaths, to chiropractors, to psychologists, and more.


Noel Ford leads product development at Neuro Therapeutics, ensuring our solutions balance the scientific principles of psychology, physiology, and EEG with an outstanding, modern user experience. She is BCIA board certified in biofeedback and neurofeedback, holds an adjunct faculty position at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and serves on the Conference Committee of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). Noel earned her Master of Arts degree in Pre-Doctoral Clinical Health Psychology while serving as a Graduate Assistant in the Northern Arizona University Athletic Department.

Noël Larson Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Leslie Sherlin leads our research and incorporation of scientific principles in product design. BCIA board certified in both neurofeedback and biofeedback, Dr. Sherlin practices QEEG analysis and neurofeedback clinically and has been involved in client care since 2002. In addition, Dr. Sherlin is the co-founder of Nova Tech EEG, Inc, a company that provides training, evaluation services, and equipment for quantitative EEG analysis and imaging. He has a Ph.D. in psychology, with a specialization in sport psychology. Dr. Sherlin is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Lead Faculty for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Ottawa University in Surprise, Arizona.

Leslie Sherlin, PHD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer