Case Study – MLB

Major League Baseball Team

Case Study

In a study with development players from a Major League Baseball organization in the American League West Conference, each athlete
demonstrated measurable improvements in brain performance after training with Versus. In addition, the athletes reported increased attention, decreased intrusive thought patterns and exhibited significant improvements in sleep.

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“The aims were to evaluate the feasibility of conducting sessions within a professional organization, assess changes in quantitative electroencephalograph (QEEG), NeuroPerformance Profile™, and report qualitative self-report data before and after brain training. Here we present data of five development players from a major league baseball team.”
LESLIE SHERLINChief Science Officer, SenseLabs

  • image of a target

    Increased Attention

  • image of a stormy cloud

    Decreased Intrusive Thought Patterns

  • image of a sleeping face

    Improved Sleep