Kerri Walsh Jennings celebrates a volleyball win.

Kerri Walsh-Jennings

U.S. Olympic Volleyball Player
3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist​

“I started noticing change and I went [in to the Versus program] fully committed. This work was taking me places. In London, the last Olympics, I felt like I was a different athlete.”

Louie Vito

U.S. Olympic Snowboarder
6-Time Winter X Games Medalist

“I went into the program eager, but not quite sure what to expect. After the first session, I was hooked. It is a fun program and it gets better after each session. Any chance I get, I try to get a session in and I am addicted to trying to take it to the next level.”
Louie Vito performs a snowboarding trick.
Kyle Korver on a basketball court.

Kyle Korver

Shooting Guard, Utah Jazz
NBA Record Holder​

“It’s easy to tense up, and to almost care too much sometimes. What I found with Versus is the more you’re able to relax and stay engaged, the better you actually are, the more power you have, and the clearer you think.”

Eric Fonoimoana
U.S. Olympic Volleyball Player
Olympic Gold Medalist
“One of the major improvements I noticed after Versus was in my sleep. I woke up fresh and was very focused during the day. It allowed me to accomplish a lot of tasks in a day, and accomplish them at a very high brain level, rather than simply going through the motions.”
Eric Fonoimoana serves a volleyball.
Carlos Quentin poses after hitting a baseball.

Carlos Quentin

MLB Outfielder
2008 & 2011 All-Star
“One of my biggest challenges is making the mental adjustments that improve performance. Versus gives athletes the tool they need, and want, to do just that.”

Kaya Turski

8-Time X Games Champion
AFP Women’s Slopestyle Champion
“When you’re dropping in to do a new trick on a 75-foot jump—it’s a mental game at that point. Now, I have a tool to work on the mental aspect of my skiing. I really think it’s going to bring me to the next level and help me stay on top of my game.”
Kaya Turksi on a mountain.
Mike Bryan poses on a tennis court.

Mike Bryan

World #1 Ranked Doubles Tennis
15 Grand Slam Titles

“My ability to sustain focus and stay relaxed has become so much easier since starting Versus. Getting in “the zone” is something that I’m experiencing more readily and this has been a huge key in my quest to play my best during the most important matches.”

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A group of runners prepare for a race.