Versus Brain Blast | Dec. 2019

In the world of neuroscience, change is the only constant. This month, we explore how our brains change us, how we change our brains, and how our brains change themselves. Enjoy and share the newest research below.

Versus Brain Blast | Nov. 2019

The way we feel, the decisions we make, the reality we experience – all of these are profoundly impacted by our brains. Below, we present stories which highlight the effect that the human mind has on the body and examine how this connection can be used to improve peoples’ physical, mental, and emotional health.

Versus Brain Blast | Oct. 2019

Cooler weather, Halloween treats, and the Versus Brain Blast: just a few of the wonderful things October brings. This month we discuss how sleep may be associated with Alzheimer’s disease, how neurofeedback may be used to treat Tourette’s syndrome, and much more.

Versus Brain Blast | Sept. 2019

From EEGs to fMRIs, organizations are using brain-sensing tools to gain insight into the minds of their patients, subjects, and customers. The applications of these tools are extensive; they’ve allowed researchers to understand and, by extension, attempt to change how people learn skills, consume information, and experience stimuli.

Pro. Support Series | Analyzing Clients’ Exercise Results

A female professional looks at a laptop screen.

In this article, we describe how providers can use both basic and advanced tools to determine how their clients are progressing with Versus’ brain performance exercises. If you are interested in learning how to introduce the Versus exercises and their goals to your clients, check out Part 3 of the Versus Professional Support Series.

Pro. Support Series | Introducing the Versus Exercises to Clients

Here, we suggest language you can use to introduce the Versus exercises and their goals to your clients. Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series, where we’ll provide detailed instructions for interpreting your clients’ exercise results and answer frequently asked client questions related to exercise progress.

Versus Brain Blast | June 2019

The impact of neuroscience is not contained to labs, research projects, and study participants. Instead, the remarkable developments that individuals and teams across the globe are making have the potential to change the way we approach a broad range of critical issues – from diagnosing disease, to treating addiction, to teaching children.

Pro. Support Series | Plans, Protocols, and Progress

In this installment of the Professional Support Series, we discuss the different elements of a plan, explain how to edit and change a plan, and showcase the control and flexibility Versus gives to providers via the Professional Dashboard.

Versus Brain Blast | May 2019

In the recent articles we have compiled, scientists examine life through the lenses of neurobiology and psychology to better understand how our brains, our bodies, and our environments shape who we are and how we act.

Versus Brain Blast | April 2019

We may have fallen for a few April 1st pranks, but we’re no fools! Over the last month, we’ve been busy finding all the latest developments in the world of neuroscience to share with you. Read our favorite stories, studies, and more here!

Versus Brain Blast | March 2019

Everything we make, from our headset to our apps, is driven by ever-evolving research on the mind and the body. Here, we share the studies and stories which have propelled us on the path to innovation this month.