Versus Brain Blast | February 2019

Here at Versus, we have a true love of learning. We hope these news stories in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and technology inspire the same passion for discovery in you!

Diagnosing Concussions On Demand

Researchers have developed an objective way to quickly identify concussions that may otherwise go unnoticed. In a study of hockey players, a team found that, by using EEG technology to assess patients’ brain performance in relation to cognition and attention, they could detect concussive states.

From Waves to Words

A team at Columbia University trained an artificial intelligence device to determine which words an individual is hearing based on their brainwave activity. In doing so, these scientists believe they have taken the first step toward developing a machine which could convert brainwaves into speech.

The Toll of Teenage Stress

The way that teenagers learn to manage stress may have an impact on their long-term physical health. Those who re-frame stressors in a positive light tend to have lower blood pressure, a healthier weight, and less inflamed immune cells over time than those who suppress feelings of stress.

Game Your Way to Better Groupwork

Video games played together by teams may actually improve group productivity by helping members learn how to collaborate and communicate with one another. A BYU study found that as little as 45 minutes of group play could increase team productivity by 20 percent.

Replacing Anxiety with Awe

Feelings of awe may be the brain’s way of making the unknown exciting rather than anxiety-inducing. In subjects fitted with EEG caps, feelings of awe were associated with decreased activity in the area of the brain responsible for executive control and increased activity in the part responsible for imagination.

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Versus Brain Blast | February 2019

by Sophia Camiolo time to read: 1 min