Versus Brain Blast | September 2018

Welcome to the first Versus Brain Blast! Here at Versus, we’re a team of brainiacs. To inspire fresh ideas, we’re always seeking out the newest stories about the brain, as well as health, wellness, technology, and more.

As part of our commitment to helping our users better their brains and their lives, we created the Versus Brain Blast to share the latest news in these exciting fields. On a regular basis, we’ll post our favorite stories from around the internet and around the world. We encourage you to read them, share them, and tell us what you think.

Changing Brains & Lives: Video Game Teaches Empathy

Story Via Science Daily

An icon of a video game controller.
Evidence suggests that a video game designed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin may have successfully changed young players’ brains to improve their empathy and emotion regulation. Learn how this development could be an important learning tool for children, especially those on the autism spectrum.

Glass Half Empty? Finding the Source of Pessimism

Story Via MIT News Office

An icon of a glass of water.
Researchers at MIT have identified a part of the brain that, when stimulated, leads subjects to weigh the negative aspects of a situation more heavily than the positive. They hope to use knowledge of this link between pessimism and the brain to better understand and better treat depression and anxiety.

Bad to Better: How to Become a Creature of Good Habit

Story Via CNN

An icon of a timer.
Since we depend on habits to make our lives function more easily and efficiently, experts suggest that the easiest way to stop a bad habit is to replace it with a good (or better) one. From setting clear goals to remaining accountable, explore different strategies for developing and maintaining good habits.

Head First: Brain Training for the World Cup

An icon of a soccer ball.
England’s 2018 World Cup team attribute their success to the addition of a sports psychologist, who helped them better manage their stress and team dynamic. Read about the growing number of elite athletes and businesspeople enhancing their performance by focusing on the development of their mental skills.

Mind to Movement: Improving Brain-Controlled Technology

An icon of a brain.
Using EEG technology, researchers have developed a new method for decoding the brain’s motor intentions that doesn’t require user training. Scientists believe this method may be used to create a streamlined connection between the human brain and machines, which could directly benefit the prosthetics field.

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