Pro. Support Series | Analyzing Clients’ Exercise Results

A female professional looks at a laptop screen.

In this article, we describe how providers can use both basic and advanced tools to determine how their clients are progressing with Versus’ brain performance exercises. If you are interested in learning how to introduce the Versus exercises and their goals to your clients, check out Part 3 of the Versus Professional Support Series.

Pro. Support Series | Introducing the Versus Exercises to Clients

Here, we suggest language you can use to introduce the Versus exercises and their goals to your clients. Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series, where we’ll provide detailed instructions for interpreting your clients’ exercise results and answer frequently asked client questions related to exercise progress.

Pro. Support Series | Plans, Protocols, and Progress

In this installment of the Professional Support Series, we discuss the different elements of a plan, explain how to edit and change a plan, and showcase the control and flexibility Versus gives to providers via the Professional Dashboard.

Am I Making Progress with Versus?

We discuss different methods that you may use to measure your progress with Versus. We also answer frequently asked questions related to success with Versus.

The Professional Dashboard | How to Measure Client Success

The Versus Professional Dashboard was designed to enable professionals to track the progress of their clients using the Versus system. These are suggestions for ways you may choose to determine if your clients are progressing with Versus.