Mind-Body Connection: The Benefits of Meditation

With the world, and its stressors, accessible in the palm of your hand, it can be hard to remain present. However, just as the number of distractions in everyday life has grown, so too has the popularity of mindfulness meditation. Here, we discuss the numerous benefits of mindfulness meditation and how Versus can be a valuable tool in your practice of meditation.

The Price and Prevention of Chronic Stress

Man looking at laptop.

Discover the physical and financial dangers of chronic stress.  Learn how Versus and other tools can be used to combat it.   Chronic stress is an epidemic. Prolonged bouts of intense stress are taking a significant toll on people’s minds, bodies, and wallets. The Physical Costs of Stress From headaches to heart disease, stress is a […]

The NeuroPerfomance Assessment: Understanding Your Unique Brain

Discover the latest research on the individuality of the human brain. Read how the Versus NPA facilitates users in pinpointing and addressing their brain’s specific stress or focus needs. A fingerprint, a voiceprint, an eyeprint, and now, a brainprint. After decades of debate and research, scientists now have clear evidence that each human brain is positively unique. At Versus, we believe that […]

Life: Brain Powered

Explore the future of brain-sensing technology with Versus. Learn how advancements in the field of EEG could help you live a better life, powered by your brain.   It’s Monday morning. You have already burnt your toast, spilled coffee down your shirt, and had an unwinnable debate with your toddler. Now, it’s time for your […]

Validation of Versus for Electroencephalography (EEG)

Versus for EEG Study

Our Science Team just released an incredible new study on Versus. The findings: compelling evidence that EEG data recorded from Versus is comparable to data recorded from a conventional system. Read the Abstract Background: Electroencephalography (EEG) is a widely used neuroimaging technique with applications in healthcare, research, assessment, treatment, and neurorehabilitation. Conventional EEG systems require […]