Four dots are shown on a phone screen as part of the Versus brain assessment.

Assessment made easy

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to determine why a student is struggling. The Versus NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) takes the guesswork out of this process. This quick and straightforward assessment pinpoints the user’s strengths and weaknesses in brain performance. It provides clear information about the user’s ability to focus, control their impulses, and manage their stress.

Learning made fun

As they fly a plane, drive a car, and play golf with their brainwaves, your students will be learning new strategies for concentrating or relaxing more effectively. Versus brain games are something your students will be excited to play, making it easier than ever for you to help your them reach their potential.

A golfer in the Versus brain games controlled by brainwaves.
The Versus User Dashboard tells users about their brain wellness.

Data made clear

With Versus, you don’t need a background in neuroscience or EEG to understand how your students are performing. While the Professional Dashboard provides detailed EEG data, it also provides graphs, charts, and interpretations which clearly indicate how each student is progressing with the exercises. The Versus Support Team is also available to answer any of your questions.

“It made the biggest difference in school. It made me more efficient, and concentrated. I was able to put a lot better work in, in a shorter amount of time.” 

Isaac Keefer

Middle School Student

Top of the class

Give your students the skills they need to succeed in school and at home with the Versus system.


With regular Versus use, students can learn to drown out distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Impulse control

Through the Versus exercises, users may see improvements in their self-control and impulsivity.

Decision making

In an engaging way, the Versus games teach players to consider their actions before they take them.


By helping students let go of repetitive or stressful thoughts, Versus can help them relax on demand.