Put their brain in the driver’s seat

Accelerate learning with the Versus exercises.

In the exercises, played in the Versus app, users drive a car, fly a plane, play a round of golf, and more with their brainwaves. As they play, users’ brains learn how it feels to be in a less stressed and more focused brain state and how to replicate this state in everyday life.

A car in the Versus app is controlled by brainwaves.
A plane being flown in the Versus app with the player's brainwaves.

Challenging minds

The goal of each of the 4 Versus exercises is for your client to create the desired brain state, either relaxed or focused, based on the performance protocol assigned from their NeuroPerformance Assessment. As your client creates the desired brain state, the three circles at the bottom of the screen will converge, they’ll perform better at the game, and they’ll earn more points.

Teaching new skills

The Versus exercises reward users for creating the desired brain state with visual and audio feedback, as well as game success. They are expertly designed to teach users how it feels to be optimally focused or relaxed and how to enter and maintain that brain state at-will, even when they’re not using the Versus system.

A golfer in the Versus brain games controlled by brainwaves.
Brain data and brain exercise results in the Versus app.

Tracking progress

Versus uses NeuroPoints and Optimal Zone Time as tangible metrics of success in creating the optimal brain state. Your clients can track these metrics across time directly in the Versus app or via their User Dashboard, which is included with the Versus subscription. As a provider, you can view your clients’ more detailed exercise data via your Professional Dashboard.

Motivating your clients

Are your clients looking for some friendly competition? In the Versus app, they can see their rank on the Versus leaderboard and compare their assessment and exercise results with those of other Versus users. They can see how they compare with other users with the same interests or on the same protocol as them.

Screen showing user's brain data compared to that of other athletes.
How to get growing

It’s quick and easy to start exercising your clients’ brains today!

1. Download the app

The Versus app is available for download on compatible iOS devices in the App Store. Check if your device is compatible here.  

2. Get your subscription

Each user needs their own subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased directly in-app or at a reduced price in the Versus Shop.

3. Get clients going

Once they've logged in to the Versus app and completed the NeuroPerformance Assessment, your clients can start exercising.