Marcus Elliott, MD

Marcus Elliott, MD

High Performance Director of P3

“Our interest is in bringing more precise, better tools to building athletes. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, all of our brains can work better. Even a body that’s coming off an MVP year has something that can get better.”

“Whether you’re talking about better executive decision making skills, better response to adversity, better reaction variability—all these individual characteristics of the brain should receive precise training focus for each individual athlete.”


Michael Gervais, PhD

High Performance Psychologist

"We are in an exciting time of exploring ways to capture, understand, and exercise what we once thought were ‘the intangibles’ that impact human performance. The opportunity to optimize brain performance is on the frontier of that investigation."


Andy Walshe, PHD

Director, Red Bull High Performance

"Understanding the various roles of the brain in human performance is one of the largest opportunities in front of us. Versus finally gives us the chance to move beyond rhetoric, into an era where we can start to explore the way in which our brain helps us perform."


Robert Bray, JR., MD

Founder of DISC Sport and Spine

"We now have a tool to look at brain function, how it’s working and responding, and the ability to exercise the brain. This is a game changer. It will change the way sports are played."


Holden Macrae, PhD

Professor, Sports Medicine at Pepperdine University

"The brain ultimately controls how we perform in athletics, business, and really, every aspect of our daily lives." "Being able to effectively measure the brain’s performance and then exercise it is a critical step forward in developing human potential to a much higher level than we ever could have imagined. Versus technology allows us to do that."


Gordon Uehling

Founder & Managing Director of CourtSense

"After five to fifteen Versus sessions, we see our athletes improve on court." "This is extremely cutting edge science-based technology that has improved significantly over the past years."


Jeremy Bettle, PHD

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brooklyn Nets

"For the first time, Versus has given us access to objective measurable data regarding an athlete’s brain function. Traits we once thought were hardwired we now know are positively impacted through Versus technology." "The ability to exercise an athlete’s mental skills is truly the next frontier in performance training."


Christopher Talley, MS

CEO of Precision Food Works, Inc

"Without compensation or other personal benefit, we've referred many of our clientele to Versus over the past several years. We do so because we've seen absolutely amazing results when this unique technology is applied as intended." "Every athlete we've referred has reported that it helped them "center" themselves when things went in an unexpected direction during the heat of competition. Without the Versus edge, I'm not certain that some of our athletes would be holding up a championship trophy at the end of the day."

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