How Versus Works: A Mental Skills Coach’s Perspective

“Basically the video game is a mirror for what’s going on in my brain, in real time. Rather than wondering if what I’m doing is working, I’m actually getting immediate feedback if I am or I’m not.” – Jeff Troesch

For Jeff Troesch, the Beauty is in its Simplicity

Jeff Troesch is a renowned mental performance coach. He is sought after to provide mental skills training for athletes at nearly every level, and he does. From collegiate athletes to professionals, Jeff has worked within the NBA, MLB, Olympic development programs and more.

He is also sought after to explain, in plain language, how Versus works.

“This is strength and conditioning for brain physiology,” says Troesch. He goes on to explain that when you’re in a situation that calls for being relaxed, you’d like your brain waves to be relaxed. When you’re in a situation that calls for being engaged, because something is demanded of you, you’d like them to be optimally engaged.

Versus exercises the brain just like strength and conditioning for the body. “Your brain figures out how to do it, you strengthen your ability to do it, and the games actually level up just like adding more weight in the gym … it’s constantly challenging your brain physiology so you get stronger and have more control over it.”