Life: Brain Powered

Explore the future of brain-sensing technology with Versus. Learn how advancements in the field of EEG could help you live a better life, powered by your brain.


It’s Monday morning. You have already burnt your toast, spilled coffee down your shirt, and had an unwinnable debate with your toddler. Now, it’s time for your daily commute.

Imagine if, instead of a frantic, frazzled race, this could be the easiest part of your day. Imagine if your car could read your mind. Imagine if it could help you make that turn or avoid that accident. Sound like the wave of the future? Well, that future is closer than you thought.

Unlocking the Brain’s Black Box

For years, the human brain was a black box understood only by elite physicians and scientists with advanced technology with the ability to glimpse inside. However, in a revolutionary move, individuals and organizations beyond this small group are using new mobile EEG technology to lift the lid off this black box – to shed light on the brain, how to optimize its health, and how to apply its power. Versus is at the forefront of this revolution.

Using neuroscientific research, our expert team developed Versus, an easy-to-use mobile EEG headset and app. Versus not only helps people understand what’s happening in their brain, but also gives them fun, easy ways to improve their brain wellness and, ultimately, their lives.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The Versus technology has manifold applications. For instance, Nissan has used similar brain-sensing technology to create a system that enables users to steer a car with their brainwaves.¹ At Versus, we think this is just the beginning.

Let’s go back to your morning commute. Since most of your coffee ended up on your shirt, you are feeling drowsy. The technology behind Versus could be used to alert you that you are falling asleep while driving. Now, let’s say your toddler decides to begin another spirited debate from the back seat. Brain-sensing technology could be used to notify you that you are distracted from the road.

Going a step further, what if, even before you left the house, you could use your brainwaves to start your coffee maker and turn on your toddler’s favorite show from your bed? That way, you could avoid the burnt toast and the toddler-led debate, and have time to sit down and actually enjoy your morning coffee, rather than wearing it to work.

Whether it’s saving your life, or just saving your morning, at Versus we believe that the brain-sensing technology we’re creating every day has endless possibilities for helping people live better, safer, happier, more productive lives.

Now, it’s your turn. Help us predict (and possibly even create) the future by telling us how you would you like to see brain-sensing technology applied.

About Versus

Versus is a state-of-the-art EEG headset that connects to your mobile iOS device via Bluetooth. With comfortable dry sensors and engaging games, Versus enables you to complete quality brain exercises through a convenient self-service experience. Learn more about the science behind Versus here.

¹ Jack Stewart, “Nissan Wants to Help You Drive by Reading Your Mind”, Wired, last modified January 01, 2018.