Self-regulation made simple

Empower your clients to care for their mental health.
A woman wears the Versus mobile EEG headset at a mental health program.

Adding Versus to your mental health practice is a great way to get your clients engaged and committed to their own care. The Versus system is accessible and easy-to-use; it’s an entertaining way for clients to learn how to control their response to stressors, distractions, and more.

“I have had several family members comment that they see a difference in their loved ones. They have said that their loved ones are more involved in conversation, more connected, and less reactive. Many of my clients have described a sensation as if their brain ‘clicks in’ or ‘shifts’ when they need to be focused or recall information. They report feeling that they can trust their brain again.”
Ellen Sohus, LPC

Mental Health + Addictions Counselor

Vitanya Wellness Center

Mobile brain assessment results.

Meaningful assessment

In as little as 14 minutes, you can gain tremendous insight into the mind of your clients. The user-friendly NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) gives providers valuable information about their clients’ ability to manage stress, maintain focus, and control their impulses.

Targeted exercises

Once the assessment pinpoints the user’s challenges, the Versus exercises guide them in improving in the area they need it most – whether it’s impulse control, stress regulation, or focus endurance. This targeted approach helps Versus users see results quickly and experience lasting benefits from the exercises.
A hot air balloon flies in Versus' mobile EEG app.
EEG amplitude valus at C4, FZ, and C3 sensors shown on iPhone.

Remote monitoring

If you have clients who use Versus outside of your office, you can view all their assessment and exercise activity via the Professional Dashboard. View your clients’ detailed data, track their progress, and monitor their compliance all in one place. With this information, made available exclusively to professionals, you can add value to your clients’ Versus experience.

Flexible application

Versus goes where your clients do. While some providers use Versus with clients in one-on-one sessions, others prefer using Versus in larger client groups. Due to its completely mobile design, Versus is also easy to send home with your clients. With the Professional Dashboard, you can monitor your clients’ progress, regardless of where they exercise.

The Versus mobile EEG headband and brain sensing app.
Life-changing results
The Versus system gets users interested in, and committed to, their mental wellness. For many, this has a profoundly positive impact on their health.

Impulse control

Stress management


Decision making