Versus Professional Dashboard

Versus Professional Dashboard

Monitor your clients from anywhere using the Versus Professional Dashboard, with exclusive features for professionals.

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Track Progress

Remotely access and compare your clients' assessment and exercise data, including average amplitude values for protocol-specific frequencies and sensor sites.

Monitor Compliance

View the date, time, type, and length of each activity your clients completed using Versus. This is an easy way to ensure that your clients are complying with assigned regimens.

View Assessment Results

Instantly access more detailed NPA results than are available in the app. View power ratios, 6 construct scores, and a written interpretation for each assessment completed by your clients. See response data from the Continuous Performance Task (CPT) and average amplitude values for all 5 sensors and 7 frequency bands across all tasks. Use this exclusive information to provide valuable client feedback and, as necessary, choose an alternative performance protocol for clients.

Customize Plans

Personalize each user's Versus experience by assigning them the most appropriate performance protocol and adjusting the length of their exercise plan, as desired.

Record Session Notes

Record and review your notes for each assessment and exercise session completed by the client.


View or download the Professional Dashboard User Guide below to learn how to use the Dashboard's features and maximize its value.


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