Versus for Professionals

Versus for Professionals

Explore the options for helping your clients
and expanding your business with Versus.

The Professional Dashboard

Professional Dashboard

The Versus Professional Dashboard was designed to enable professionals to provide their clients with personalized care and attention from anywhere.

With this easy-to-use webpage, you can view your clients' Versus data, track their progress, and customize their Versus experience.

Better serve your clients with deeper insight about their brain wellness and expand the reach of your business by monitoring clients remotely.

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Business Opportunities

Partner Program

Purchase Versus products at a discounted price for use by or resale to clients. Learn more.

Affiliate Program

Earn a commission on Versus purchases made by clients you refer. Contact us.

Bulk Ordering

Receive a bulk discount on Versus products for personal or business use. Learn more.

Resources for Professionals

Professional User Guide

This handout provides an overview of how you can guide clients using the Versus system.


Exercise Guide for Providers

In this guide, you'll find language that you can use to explain the Versus exercises to clients.


Marketing Flyer

This flyer can be provided to clients as an introduction to the Versus system.