Brain Sensing Technology for Golf

  • Number of greens in regulation increased: 12 percent
  • Number of putts per round decreased: 9.7 percent
  • Performance improvements sustained: 8 weeks

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* UCLA Golf peer-reviewed and published scientific study

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How Versus Works

Meet professional golfer, Brianna Do. Watch as she explains how Versus trained her to stay calm, bounce back from mistakes, and become UCLA’s lowest scorer at the NCAA championships.

Brain Performance Assessment

The Versus Wellness Assessment

Versus begins with a Wellness Assessment to identify your brain’s strengths and weaknesses. For the first time, you can reliably quantify mental performance—focus, stress response, impulse control, and more. Many golf coaches use this data to better understand and coach their athletes. Versus uses it to prescribe an individual training plan and create a benchmark for improvement.

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Versus: Headset + App

Wireless Brain Sensing Headset

Versus is a state-of-the-art headset that connects to your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth. With comfortable dry sensors, the Versus headset records brain activity in real time.

iPad & iPhone Apps

As a coach, you’ll have exclusive access to the Versus iPad app AND the Versus iPhone app. This allows you to introduce Versus to your golfers in person, and each can train on their iPhone at home.

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Individual Training Plans

Versus training plans are unique to each individual golfer. One might train impulse control, while another might work on remaining calm under pressure. Versus automatically prescribes a training plan based on the golfer’s needs, which is determined by the Wellness Assessment.

The Versus App

It’s a game changer. Literally. Train your brain to play better golf with games on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

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Versus Video Demo

Watch a Full Demonstration of the Versus iPad App & Training Experience

Carrie Forsyth

Head CoachUCLA Women’s Golf

“Our men’s and women’s golf teams saw significant improvements in individual performance that showed up as major statistical improvements in their games.”

Learn more. Get the UCLA Golf case study and hear from Carrie Forsyth.

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Complete Customer Support

Our Support Team is available through email & video-conference to ensure you, and your athletes, have a successful training experience.

Versus Certification Program

$499 Included

The certification program is free for coaches.

It’s important that you know how to properly use Versus, as well as the science behind it. As a coach you’ll have access to our Versus certification videos — at no extra charge.

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