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Whether you need to increase focus, improve impulse control, or respond quickly & accurately under stress, Versus can help you get there.

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Wireless Brain Sensing Headset

Versus is a state-of-the-art headset that connects to your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth. With comfortable dry sensors, the Versus headset records your brain activity in real time.

iPad & iPhone Apps

Brain sensing technology for a mobile world. Versus goes wherever you do.

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Training Customized to You

Versus training plans are unique to each individual user. One might train impulse control, while another might work on remaining calm under pressure. Versus automatically prescribes a training plan based on your needs, as determined by the Wellness Assessment.

Wellness Assessment

Versus begins with a Wellness Assessment to assess performance, develop training recommendations, and create a benchmark for improvement. Not only can you reliably quantify your mental performance, but you can also track improvement over time.

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Versus Video Demo

Watch a Full Demonstration of the Versus iPad App & Training Experience

Kerri Walsh Jennings

3x Olympic Gold Medalist

“The training made me feel like a different athlete at the last Olympics. And it’s improved my quality of life too. I’m learning to relax my mind when I need to, like when I’m home with my family.”

Learn more. Get the Kerri Walsh Jennings case study.

Complete Customer Support

Our Support Team is available through email & video-conference to ensure you, and your clients, have a successful training experience.

Versus Certification Program

$499 Included

The certification program is free for you.

It’s important that you know how to properly use Versus, as well as the science behind it. As a high performer you’ll have access to our Versus certification videos — at no extra charge.

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