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Male researcher puts the Versus mobile EEG headset on a participant.

Does your next project require getting a closer look at subjects’ brainwaves? Are you seeking an easy way to track how subjects’ brains change over time? Contact us today to start incorporating Versus’ brain-sensing technology into your research project.

Whether breathtaking or bewildering, art can have a profound impact on us. In his ongoing research project, Dr. Matthew Baral is employing Versus’ EEG headset to quantify this impact. Dr. Baral aims to understand the effect that artist James Turrell’s world-famous light installations have on the human mind by using the Versus system to monitor study participants’ brainwave activity. Stay tuned for the results of Dr. Baral’s innovative research exploring art, sensory deprivation, and relaxation.

The research-backed Versus mobile EEG headset with dry electrodes.

Easy setup

With the Versus headset, there’s no time-consuming setup. Simply turn it on, put it on your subject’s head, and verify their connection in the app. As they use the headset, it conforms to the shape of the user’s head, making it easier to get connected each time! With patented sensors that are soft and highly conductive, the Versus headset is comfortable, without sacrificing accuracy.

Quantifiable data

In a published study, it was demonstrated that Versus reads EEG at its 5 dry sensor sites as well as a conventional, wet EEG system. The NeuroPerformance Assessment and the Versus exercises convert complex brain data into easy-to-understand results that are valuable for general users and researchers alike.
Brain data and brain exercise results in the Versus app.
EEG amplitude valus at C4, FZ, and C3 sensors shown on iPhone.

Remote monitoring

With the Professional Dashboard, you can view your subjects’ Versus assessment and exercise data remotely. The Professional Dashboard includes more detailed data than is available to users in-app, including amplitude values for all 5 sensors and 7 frequency bands across all tasks, power ratios, and more.

Direct support

Our expert team of neuroscientists is here to help! Contact us at any time with questions about using the Versus system in your research. Also, be sure to ask us about the special discounts and opportunities we offer to registered Versus Partners.

A male researcher views EEG data on his mobile phone.

Follow in the footsteps

Versus’ EEG headset and mobile app have been used in extensive research across a wide range of fields.


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