A plan made for each client

Versus assigns each user exercises suited to their unique needs.

Could your clients benefit from improved impulse control, enhanced focus, more consistent sleep patterns, or reduced stress? The Versus system determines what each user’s brain needs and provides them with an easy-to-follow program designed to help where they can benefit the most. It’s a simple step on your clients’ paths to wellness.

A woman smiles while wearing a Versus headset.

Inspire client change 

Help your clients take control of their lives by improving on their brains’ weakest areas.

Stress less

Users learn to let go of repetitive thoughts, stay in the moment, and conserve energy for when they need it.

Stay sharp

By learning to focus on the important things, users can improve their mental acuity with Versus.

Sleep soundly

Versus can teach users the skills needed to wind down and stop overthinking when it's time to sleep.

Get focused

Regular Versus users are able to quiet distractions and focus on demand, even under intense pressure.

Versus brain test results on an iPhone.

Identifies client needs

Before users begin the exercises, the Versus app will guide them through the NeuroPerformance Assessment, which identifies the areas of brain performance where they could most improve. The Versus games users play will be designed to help them and their brain perform better and more consistently in these areas.

Teaches new skills

By rewarding them with audio and visual feedback and points, the Versus exercises teach users how it feels to be in an ideal brain state for concentration or relaxation. Over time, they’ll develop strategies for creating these optimal brain states in the Versus games and, eventually, in their everyday life.

A golfer in the Versus brain games controlled by brainwaves.
EEG and brain game data shown in the Versus app.

Tracks client progress

Your clients can monitor their entire Versus experience directly in the app or on their User Dashboard, which is included with their Versus subscription. With Versus, it’s easy for users to track their progress over time, compare and share their results with others, and motivate themselves to continue moving forward.  

Produces real results

Whether they’re seeking a morning wake-up call or a quiet nighttime escape, Versus makes it fun and easy for your clients to reach their self-care goals. The Versus app rewards users for their commitment to the exercises and provides them with the skills to live a better life, even when they’re not wearing the headset.

A smiling man celebrates reaching his self improvement goals.

“Many of my clients have described a sensation as if their brain ‘clicks in’ or ‘shifts’ when they need to be focused or recall information.

They report feeling that they can trust their brain again. I believe that their improved brain performance helps my clients manage their stress, moods and their ability to make appropriate decisions, especially under pressure.”

Ellen Sohus, LPC

Mental Health + Addictions Counselor
Vitanya Wellness Center