Performance under pressure

When the stakes are high, trust your clients’ minds to Versus.

MLB player Carlos Quentin wears the Versus EEG headband for sports training.

From training, to deployment, to re-integration, Versus helps users meet whatever challenges lie ahead.

The assessment identifies the brain’s needs, the engaging exercises help the user improve their stress management or focus skills, and the Professional Dashboard allows you to track clients’ progress every step of the way.

Resilience meets recovery

Teach your clients to tune in when they must and wind down when they can with Versus’ mobile EEG system.

Focus fully

Versus users learn to drown out distractions and focus all their attention on the task at hand.

Act calmly

Regular Versus users report an improved ability to remain calm and manage their impulses.

Sleep soundly

By helping users let go of repetitive or stressful thoughts, Versus can help them relax on demand.

Think clearly

Users develop the ability to quickly and effectively make better decisions with the Versus games.

Four dots are shown on a phone screen as part of the Versus brain assessment.

Gain insight

The Versus NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) pinpoints the user’s strengths and weaknesses in brain performance. It provides clear information about the user’s ability to focus on demand, control their impulses, and manage their stress. Based on these results, users are assigned exercises designed specifically to help improve their mental performance in their most challenging area.

Stay flexible

Your clients can use Versus anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection. The Versus headset is lightweight and durable, making it great for travel! You can also track your clients’ progress with the Versus assessment and exercises whenever and wherever you are via the Professional Dashboard.
In the NeuroGlider game, an airplane flies over a mountain.
The Versus User Dashboard tells users about their brain wellness.

Take charge

There are multiple different ways you can expand your program and help your clients with Versus. If you’re interested in purchasing multiple Versus headsets, consider becoming a Versus Partner to receive exclusive discounts and offers. To earn a reward for referring clients to Versus, register as an Affiliate for free today!