Discover the latest research on the individuality of the human brain. Read how the Versus NPA facilitates users in pinpointing and addressing their brain’s specific stress or focus needs.

A fingerprint, a voiceprint, an eyeprint, and now, a brainprint. After decades of debate and research, scientists now have clear evidence that each human brain is positively unique. At Versus, we believe that your brain sensing experience should be just as individualized.

Research and Results

In a recently published study, researchers at the University of Zurich used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to scan the brains of 190 subjects over the course of two years. Using these scans, the research team analyzed the area, volume, and over 450 other features of each subject’s brain.

The results of the analyses conducted by Valizadeh et al. were groundbreaking. They found that each subject’s brain demonstrated a high degree of individuality. In fact, using just 11 points of comparison, researchers were able to distinguish between the brains of the subjects. As a result, the research team suggested that brain scans could be used in the same manner as fingerprints and other established biometrics – as a way to definitively identify people.

With this discovery, Valizadeh et al. also confirmed previous research which indicated that each person’s brain anatomy is influenced by a range of factors, including their genes, personal experiences, and external environment. It is for this reason, the research team concluded, that each person’s brain anatomy is different.

Real World Application

The conclusions reached by Valizadeh et al. reinforce the idea which underlies the Versus system: no two people are the same and neither, therefore, should be their path to wellness.

While other brain sensing systems only offer exercises with a single objective and the same intended outcomes, Versus is different. Versus is the only brain sensing system that provides an assessment with straightforward results that are relevant to users’ lives. When they get started with Versus, all users are prompted to take the NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA). During the NPA, the Versus headset reads the user’s brainwaves to identify their talents and challenges in mental performance.

Based on their individual NPA results, the Versus app selects the performance protocol that best meets the user’s specific needs. The performance protocol that is assigned to the user determines the goal of their Versus exercises. Users have the opportunity to complete additional NPAs to help them measure their progress and ensure that they are on the protocol which will best facilitate their brain wellness.

Ultimately, by avoiding a one-size-fits-all solution, the Versus system is designed to help a broad range of people effectively enhance their focus and reduce their stress.

About the NeuroPerformance Assessment

To learn more about the exclusive features of the NeuroPerformance Assessment, visit The NeuroPerformance Assessment is included with the Versus User Subscription. Additional NPAs may be purchased separately from the User Subscription at


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