Like a gym for the brain

Versus pinpoints each user’s weaknesses, teaches them to build up their brain’s strength, and challenges them to continuously enhance their mental performance. 

Signals captured

The human brain produces electricity. Via its 5 dry electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, the Versus headset captures these electrical signals just as well as conventional, wet EEG systems. Then, the Versus headset wirelessly transmits this brainwave data to the Versus mobile app.

EEG sensors being connected in the Versus app.
Mobile brain assessment results.

Brain assessed

In the NeuroPerformance Assessment, the Versus app compares the electrical activity of the user’s brain with that of the high performers in our database. Via this comparison, the the app identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the user’s brain in relation to stress, focus, impulse control, and more.

Skills learned

Using their brainwaves, as captured by the Versus headset, users play games which reward them with points, sounds, and game feedback for creating a less stressed or more focused brain state. With repeated exercise, users learn how the desired brain state feels and how they can replicate that state in your everyday life.

A hot air balloon flies in Versus' mobile EEG app.
Screen showing user's brain data compared to that of other athletes.

Challenges met

As users begin to excel in the Versus exercises, they’ll level up and the games will get harder, challenging them to improve their skills. Users are motivated by comparing their assessment and exercise results to those of other users directly in the Versus app.

Brain sensing made better

Discover what sets the Versus system apart from other brain sensing systems.


The design of the Versus headset and app was inspired by research in the fields of neurofeedback, psychology, and more.

Expertly created
Versus was developed by a team of neuroscience experts and engineers committed to bringing EEG technology to the masses.

Proven effective
The Versus headset is safe, non-invasive, and trusted among professionals in sports, medicine, wellness, and beyond.