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Versus provides performance brain training through a brain sensing headset and app. Designed by neuroscientists, Versus goes beyond cognitive brain games and promotes high-performance brain function. Increase impulse control, regulate emotions, stay focused, and sleep better—all with Versus.

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Versus trains your brain to perform its best, so you perform at yours. Train by playing games with your brain waves, and compare yourself to some of the world’s highest performing people.

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Kerri Walsh Jennings

US Olympic Gold Medalist

“My Brain works this way because it thinks it’s working perfectly, but it’s not. I can change, I can train it like a muscle.”

Mike Bryan

World #1 Ranked Doubles Team,
15 Grand Slam Titles

“My ability to sustain focus and stay relaxed has become so much easier since starting Versus brain training. Getting in “the zone” is something that I’m experiencing more readily and this has been a huge key in my quest to play my best during the most important matches.”

Kyle Korver

Shooting Guard, Atlanta Hawks
NBA Record Holder

“It’s easy to tense up, and care too much sometimes. What I found with Versus is the more you’re able to relax and stay engaged, the better you are, the more power you have, and the clearer you think.”

Marcus Elliott, MD

High Performance Director of P3

“Whether you’re talking about better executive decision making skills, better response to adversity, better reaction variability—all these individual characteristics of the brain should receive precise training focus for each individual athlete. Versus lets us do that.”

Andy Walshe, PhD

Director, Red Bull High Performance

“Understanding the various roles of the brain in human performance is one of the largest opportunities in front of us. Versus finally gives us the chance to move beyond rhetoric, into an era where we can start to explore and quantify the way in which our brain helps us perform.”

Don Kalkstein

Director of Sports Psychology,
Dallas Mavericks

“Focus, attention, stress are some of the factors that can and do change the outcome of a game. When the athlete has the ability to understand how he is reacting and has the ability to make a change during the game… it can and will be a game changer.”