NEW Versus Partner Program

Versus Partner Program

Learn how you can expand your business by becoming an authorized Versus Partner.

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Versus Partners are individuals or organizations who sell Versus products or providers who incorporate Versus into their existing business or practice. As a registered Versus Partner, you'll be featured on the Versus Partners Page, where customers can find their nearest Partner.*

1. Register

Register as a Partner by completing and submitting the Partner Contract. Contact us to request a copy of the contract, which includes information on Partner pricing.

2. Purchase

Purchase headsets, subscriptions, and NeuroPerformance Assessments for an exclusive discounted price. Save even more when you buy in bulk!

3. Earn

Use and sell headsets, subscriptions, and NeuroPerformance Assessments for a profit. Register as a Versus Affiliate to earn a commission on product referrals.

*Currently, Versus only supports Partners located in the United States.


Versus was designed to allow users to enjoy an easy, self-service brain sensing experience. However, customer feedback suggests that individuals find additional value by using Versus with the support of a provider.

Personalized Experience

Based on their knowledge of users’ needs, providers often use Versus in conjunction with other products or services to address target areas. Providers may also customize a Versus exercise plan for each user.

Expert Guidance

Using the Professional Dashboard, providers can track user progress and give users expert feedback, ensuring that they receive the maximum benefit from Versus.

Flexible Practice

Versus providers have the opportunity to remotely monitor user sessions. This offers individuals the convenience of using Versus at home, without sacrificing provider oversight.


The Versus Partner Program was designed to enable providers to better serve their clients and grow their business.

Client Insight

Using data from the Professional Dashboard, providers can gain insight about their clients’ brain wellness, which they can use to assign Versus exercises or identify other valuable interventions.

Expanded Reach

Partners are featured on the Versus Partners Page, where new clients can find them. With the Dashboard, providers can also monitor clients remotely, reducing the need for in-office visits.

Growth Opportunities

As Partners, providers can purchase discounted Versus products for resale. They also earn a commission on all subscription referrals.