Users learn how to drown out distractions and focus on the game with the Versus exercises.


Help your athletes quiet their minds on and off the court with the Versus brain sensing system.

Sleep patterns

Versus users are taught how to let go of repetitive thoughts and wind down, enhancing their sleep patterns.


With regular Versus use, your clients may gain the ability to stay sharp and focus on multiple tasks at once.

“For the first time, Versus has given us access to objective measurable data regarding an athlete’s brain function. Traits we once thought were hardwired we now know are positively impacted through Versus technology.

The ability to exercise an athlete’s mental skills is truly the next frontier in performance enhancement.”

Dr. Jeremy Bettle

Head Strength + Conditioning Coach

Brooklyn Nets

Get their game plan

The Versus NeuroPerformance Assessment (NPA) determines where each user’s strengths and weaknesses lie in brain performance. Based on their assessment results, the app will create a plan for each of your clients with games designed specifically to help them improve in the area where they face the most challenges.

The Versus brain exercise app open to a stress relief game.
In the NeuroRacer game, an SUV drives on a racetrack.

Build their strength

The Versus games are much like a gym for the mind. As your athletes exercise in the app, they’ll be rewarded with points and feedback for creating the desired brain state. As they improve, the games will become harder, challenging your clients to get even better at producing a less stressed or more focused brain state, even under pressure.

See their stats

Want to know how your clients are doing? We’re keeping score! In the Versus app and the User Dashboard, included with the user subscription, your clients can track all their points, zone time, and more. As a coach, you can see your athletes’ detailed assessment and exercise data in your Professional Dashboard.

Brain data and brain exercise results in the Versus app.
Kyle Korver wears the Versus mobile EEG headset.

Reach their goals

Are your athletes looking to perform better under pressure or wind down more easily when the game’s over? Versus gives them power over their minds. Regular Versus users report improvements in their sleep patterns, concentration, impulse control, mental acuity, and ability to relax and stay present on and off the court.

Tested + trusted
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