Dr. Amber Fasula of the Neurogenesis Center of Florida

Dr. Amber Fasula

Licensed Psychologist

Neurogenesis Center of Florida

“Because of the usability of the headset and software, clients of all ages have utilized Versus and appreciate that their progress is monitored by a licensed professional. By adding Versus as an option in my practice, I have added multiple clients who live over an hour away since they can exercise at home, thus expanding the breadth of my practice itself.”

Dr. Steve Rondeau

“Brain sensing technology is an important part of how we help people. But a lot of the technology we have used isn’t visually appealing to our clients or convenient for us to use. Versus is truly cutting-edge technology that makes the exercises fun, mobile, and easy to work around our clients’ busy schedules.”
Dr. Steve Rondeau
Provider Ellen Sohus

Ellen Sohus, LPC

Mental Health + Addictions Counselor

Vitanya Wellness Center

“Using Versus before a psychotherapy session helps my clients engage in the therapeutic process more efficiently and effectively. In general, my clients report an increase in their ability to manage their daily lives. They report feeling more grounded, more focused, and more able to manage stress.”

Michael Gervais, PhD

High Performance Psychologist

Finding Mastery Podcast

“We are in an exciting time of exploring ways to capture, understand, and exercise what we once thought were ‘the intangibles’ that impact human performance. The opportunity to optimize brain performance is on the frontier of that investigation.”
Dr. Michael Gervais
Sports psychologist Jeff Troesch

Jeff Troesch

Mental Performance Coach

Sports Psychologist

“The [Versus] games are a mirror for what’s going on in my brain real-time. So, rather than wondering if what I’m doing is working from a brain perspective, I’m actually getting immediate feedback. This is strength and conditioning for the brain physiology. Basically, I get enough reps of how to do this well, my brain figures out how to do it, I strengthen my ability to do it, and the game actually levels up.”

Dr. Robert Bray, Jr.

Founder + Neurological Spine Surgeon
DISC Sport and Spine

“We now have a tool to look at brain function, how it’s working and responding, and the ability to exercise the brain. This is a game changer. It will change the way sports are played.”
Dr. Robert Bray
Dr. Holden Macrae

Dr. Holden MacRae

Professor of Sports Medicine
Pepperdine University

“The brain ultimately controls how we perform in athletics, business, and every aspect of our daily lives. Being able to effectively measure the brain’s performance and then exercise it is a critical step forward in developing human potential to a much higher level than we ever could have imagined. Versus technology allows us to do that.”

Dr. Andy Walshe

Former Director
Red Bull High Performance

“Understanding the various roles of the brain in human performance is one of the largest opportunities in front of us. Versus finally gives us the chance to move beyond rhetoric, into an era where we can start to explore the way in which our brain helps us perform.”
Dr. Andy Walshe
Christopher Talley

Christopher Talley

CEO + Nutrition Scientist
Precision Food Works, Inc.

“Every athlete we’ve referred to Versus has reported that it helped them “center” themselves when things went in an unexpected direction during the heat of competition. Without the Versus edge, I’m not certain that some of our athletes would be holding up a championship trophy at the end of the day.”


Provider, entrepreneur, visionary

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