Take it to the next level

Integrate Versus into your coaching services to help your clients think, perform, and live better.

Decision making

The Versus exercises teach users to think before they act, helping them make better decisions.


Users learn to drown out distractions and focus on the task at hand, making it easier to reach their goals.


With regular practice, your clients can gain the ability to quiet stressful thoughts and be present.


By learning to calm their mind on demand, Versus users can improve and manage their sleep patterns.

“The brain ultimately controls how we perform in athletics, business, and really, every aspect of our daily lives.

Being able to effectively measure the brain’s performance and then exercise it is a critical step forward in developing human potential to a much higher level than we ever could have imagined. Versus technology allows us to do that.”

Dr. Holden MacRae

Professor of Sports Medicine

Pepperdine University

Set goals

To begin with Versus, each user takes a NeuroPerformance Assessment, which identities their strengths and weaknesses in controlling their impulses, managing stress, and maintaining focus. This a convenient way for you to learn about your client’s needs and create a personalized plan for their time with you.

Versus brain test results on an iPhone.
A plane being flown in the Versus app with the player's brainwaves.

Get going

Users play games that teach them how to enhance their focus or reduce their stress, depending on the results of their assessment. The engaging Versus games reward users with points and feedback for creating the desired brain state. Over time, users develop strategies to recreate these optimal brain states in everyday life.

Keep up

Whether your clients are using Versus with you or in the comfort of their own home or office, you can supervise their activity via the Professional Dashboard. View clients’ assessment results, see how well they performed in the games, and ensure that they’re staying on track via this web-based app.

EEG amplitude valus at C4, FZ, and C3 sensors shown on iPhone.
A woman holding an iPad uses the Versus headset.

Start growing

From athletic coaches to life coaches, professionals across the nation trust Versus to give their business and their clients an extra boost. Attract new clients and keep existing ones engaged by adding the Versus system to your coaching program. Consider becoming a Versus Partner or Affiliate to receive exclusive discounts and offers.