Form meets function

In the Versus headset, on-the-go meets state-of the-art.
Versus mobile brain sensing EEG headband.

Versus is a mobile EEG headset which works with the Versus app to enable an accurate, guided brain-sensing experience wherever your clients are. It reads users’ brainwaves (EEG) at 5 sensor sites.

With Versus, your clients can learn about and play games with their brain. Users can enhance their focus or reduce their stress without the need for expensive equipment or lengthy setup.

Superior signal quality

The Versus headset was designed by a team of neuroscience experts to ensure a secure connection and accurate reading during each use. In a published study, it was demonstrated that Versus reads EEG at its 5 dry sensor sites as well as a conventional, wet EEG system.
The in-app connection screen to ensure an accurate reading of brainwaves.

Ease of use

With the Versus headset, there’s no time-consuming setup. Users simply turn it on, put it on their head, and verify their connection in the app. As your clients use the headset, it conforms to the shape of their head, making it easier to get connected each time! With patented sensors that are soft and highly conductive, the Versus headset is comfortable, without sacrificing accuracy.

Multi-user capability

The Versus headset can be used by multiple different individuals. It is flexible and durable, making it ideal for sharing among users. To use the Versus headset, each user must simply have their own Versus subscription.
Woman wearing the Versus EEG headset with dry electrodes.
Strategically-placed sensor sites
Versus Headset Sensor Sites

Designed for life

Wherever your clients are, Versus works hard so they don’t have to.

Bluetooth LE

Versus is completely mobile. All users need is an internet connection and an iDevice with bluetooth.

5-hour battery life

Fully charge the Versus headset to enjoy five hours of use. A full re-charge only takes 3 hours.


A charger, audio cable, user guide, and sensor conditioner for a faster connection are included with Versus.

90-Day Warranty

Purchase Versus with confidence. We offer a 30-day return window and a 90-day headset warranty.