Small, but mighty

Augment your neurofeedback practice with the power of Versus.

The Versus mobile EEG headband and brain sensing app.

Even if your clients can’t come into your office frequently, you can still give them a comprehensive brain sensing experience. Help your clients engage their brain and maintain in-office progress by having them complete the Versus exercises at home. Attract and retain clients by adding the Versus assessment and exercises as an additional in-office service you provide.

Brain sensing benefits
The Versus system targets focus enhancement and stress management. With regular practice, Versus users report a range of benefits.



Impulse control

Decision making

The clear choice


Versus's 5 flexible dry sensors measure the brain's electrical activity as well as traditional EEG systems. The Versus exercises are trusted among leading professionals.


In the Professional Dashboard, you can see each user's detailed assessment and exercise data. This makes it easy to track their progress and monitor their compliance over time.


Versus was made for providers by providers. We offer exclusive provider discounts and put professionals in control of their clients' experience with the Professional Dashboard.


The entire Versus system is easy-to-use and offers step-by-step instructions to users, minimizing the amount of time you need to spend on setup and support.

“For years, clients who were unable to devote the time and effort into coming to the office a couple times a week did not have another option. Most often, they simply did not get help. Establishing Versus in my practice changed that dynamic. Versus gives my clients the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of their own home and make significant progress in a shorter amount of time.”
Dr. Amber Fasula
Neurofeedback Provider
Neurogenesis Center of Florida