Client data on their device

Users can easily access their Versus data at home and on the go.

The Versus User Dashboard on an iPhone.

The User Dashboard is an easy-to-navigate webpage where users can view all their Versus data, manage their account, and more. It’s included for all users with the Versus subscription. They simply log in with the email and password they used to register their Versus account.

Providers can view their clients’ more detailed Versus data via the Professional Dashboard.

What they’re looking for

The Versus User Dashboard makes it easy for your clients to manage their Versus account and experience. 

View NPA results

Users see the results of all NeuroPerformance Assessments (NPAs) they have completed.

Track progress

They can monitor their points, goal, and zone time across different exercise sessions.

Manage purchases

Your clients can view their Versus purchase history and invite others to try Versus.

Update account

Versus users can edit their email address, password, avatar, and account settings.

Every step of the way

Download the User Dashboard Guide below for step-by-step instructions for helping your clients get the most out of the User Dashboard.