Versus User Dashboard


View your assessment results, track your exercise progress,
and more with the Versus User Dashboard.


The Versus User Dashboard was designed to give users more access to their data.
It's an easy-to-use webpage where Versus users can view and manage
all their Versus data in a single location. Access to the User Dashboard is included with
the Versus subscription. To maximize your progress, consider working with a Versus Partner.

View Assessment Results

See the results of all NeuroPerformance Assessments (NPAs) you've completed.

Track Exercise Progress

Monitor your points, goal, and zone time across your different exercise sessions.

Manage Your Purchases

View your Versus purchase history and invite others to try Versus.

Update Your Account

Edit your email address, password, avatar, and account settings.

1. Get Started

Register your account when you purchase a subscription via the Versus Shop. Or, start your free account in the Versus app.

2. View Your Dashboard

To access your User Dashboard, click the button below and log in using the email and password for your Versus account.

3. Learn More

For step-by-step instructions and tips for using your dashboard, download the User Dashboard Guide below.


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