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Individuals who use Versus report performing, sleeping, engaging and living better. Users may see improvements in the areas below.



Sleep patterns


“Versus is truly cutting-edge technology that makes brain sensing fun, mobile, and easy to work around our clients’ busy schedules.

We used to be limited to clients within a 30 mile range of our office in Colorado. With Versus, we’ve been able to expand our practice, instead of just making referrals. Now, we’re helping more clients than ever before. These are people we never would have reached without Versus.”

Dr. Steve Rondeau

Provider, Wholeness Center


Whether you’re working with clients for a week or a year, in-office or online, you can design a Versus plan that fits your business and your clients’ needs. Give each client a personalized experience by choosing how long their exercises last, the goal of their exercises, and more.
The Versus brain exercise app open to a stress relief game.
The Versus brain sensing headset with EEG sensors at Fz, Pz, Cz, C3, and C4.


Send the Versus headset home with a client or use it with multiple clients in your office. The easy-to-connect headset, mobile app, and web-based Professional Dashboard enable you to support clients directly and remotely, and implement Versus in different ways as your business changes or expands.


The Versus system provides a concrete way to track client progress and determine the efficacy of wellness strategies. With repeated assessments and the real-time data captured in the Professional Dashboard, it’s easy for you to see how your clients’ brain health is changing over time.
EEG data, including amplitude values, shown on an iPhone.
A woman at a wellness center wears the Versus mobile EEG headset and plays the Versus brain games.


At Versus, our goal is to help you expand your business and spread the incredible benefits of Versus to more people. If you want to sell Versus products, use them in your practice, or simply refer your clients to us, we have a way for you to do so in a simple, cost-effective manner. Consider becoming a Versus Partner or Affiliate to get the most out of Versus.
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