Drown out distractions

Versus teaches users to maintain their focus when it counts the most. 

MLB player Carlos Quentin wears the Versus EEG headband for sports training.
Whether it’s a ringing phone or a cheering crowd, the constant bombardment of distractions we face can prevent optimal focus. With regular exercise, Versus users can learn to prevent and overcome interruptions and remain focused on the task at hand.  

Keep calm and carry on

Give your clients peace of mind, anytime.

Are your clients looking to remain calm before a big meeting or wind down after a stressful day? Versus can provide them with the tools they need. With the Versus exercises, users can learn skills to help reduce their stress, clear their mind, and be present.

Smiling man uses Versus EEG headset to reduce stress.
Mind what matters

Regular Versus users have reported improvements in the following areas. Help your clients take care of their minds with Versus today!



Sleep patterns

Impulse control

Decision making


Problem solving

Mental acuity

The results of the Versus brain test tell users about their focus capacity.

Identify clients' needs

Most brain-sensing systems have a one-size-fits-all strategy. The Versus system is different. Through the exclusive NeuroPerformance Assessment, Versus learns about the unique strengths and weaknesses of the user’s brain. Then, the app assigns them exercises designed specifically to help them improve on their weakest areas.

Teach new skills

The Versus exercises reward users for creating a desired brain state. When they become less stressed or more focused, they’ll perform better, earn more points, and see and hear positive feedback in the games. This teaches users strategies to produce an optimal mind state, so they can do so in everyday life.
A golfer in the Versus brain games controlled by brainwaves.
A user's brain exercise score is shown in the Versus User Dashboard.

See user progress

Measure client success in learning to relax and focus with NeuroPoints and Optimal Zone Time. Your clients can track these metrics across time directly in the Versus app or via their User Dashboard. Providers can view more detailed client results and offer additional guidance in using the Versus system via the Professional Dashboard.